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5 Ways to Defend Against Discoloration After Teeth Whitening January 10, 2018

Sacramento, Sacramento County
5 Ways to Defend Against Discoloration After Teeth Whitening, Sacramento, California

Professional teeth whitening from a trusted dentist is one of the best ways to quickly and comfortably enhance your smile’s appearance. But while the results can last as long as a year, whitening treatments don’t work forever. That’s why Ronald L. Rasmussen DDS encourages his patients to follow specific guidelines to avoid staining while also maximizing the benefits of teeth bleaching. Providing general and cosmetic dentistry services in Sacramento, CA, Dr. Rasmussen shares five tips to prevent discoloration after teeth whitening treatment.

5 Tips for Keeping a Smile Bright After Teeth Whitening Treatment

1. Snack Smartteeth whitening

Dark-colored foods—such as tomato sauce and chocolate—are known to leave stains behind on teeth, so they are best avoided after whitening. Fortunately, there are plenty of snacks that can help scrub your teeth clean just by eating them, including apples, cheese, and fresh unbuttered popcorn.

2. Sip With a Straw

Red wines, coffees, teas, and dark sodas all contain pigments that easily stick to enamel and cause discoloration. If you indulge in these beverages, it’s best to drink them through a straw to keep liquid off your teeth.

3. Take Brushing Breaks

A healthy smile depends on twice-daily brushing, but if you want to keep things looking bright, you may want to brush more frequently. For example, brushing after meals can help rinse away food particles that cause stains.

4. Stop Smoking

The nicotine and tar found in tobacco have a yellowing effect that appears rapidly. The only way around this problem is to avoid smoking altogether. Beyond preventing discoloration, kicking the habit will also help reduce your risk of gum disease and oral cancer—two dental health problems that can dramatically impact the appearance of your smile.

5. Consider At-Home Touch-Ups 

Sometimes using at-home solutions can help preserve the effects of professional whitening. For example, your dentist may recommend using whitening gels, pens, strips, or toothpastes to keep minor surface stains from forming.

While these tips will help you enjoy a brighter smile for a longer period, you will eventually have to see a dentist for professional whitening if you want to maintain the same results. Offering comprehensive cosmetic services, Ronald L. Rasmussen DDS is a trusted resource for advanced teeth whitening in Sacramento, CA. Beyond bleaching, Dr. Rasmussen also offers a variety of other smile-enhancing services, including porcelain veneers, dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. To learn more about these services, visit his website today. You can also call (916) 689-1100 to schedule a convenient appointment with this friendly dentist.

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