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Car Tuning Explained by a Diesel Repair Company January 10, 2018

Wheatland, Monroe
Car Tuning Explained by a Diesel Repair Company, Wheatland, New York

Car and truck enthusiasts often seek ways to get better performance from their vehicles. Whether the goal is more efficient gas mileage or increased power, professional tuning is one of the best solutions. The diesel repair team at Jack’s Repair and Road Service in Scottsville, NY, provide a wide range of services to boost the customers’ vehicles to peak performance. Below, they provide a brief rundown to explain why tuning is valuable.

What Is Tuning?

The computer in your truck or car is factory-set to run the vehicle at a certain, balanced level. Some owners, however, will want to boost specific performance areas over others—fuel economy, for instance, or ignition. Once alterations are made, the car’s computer will need to be adjusted to accommodate them, a process that varies from vehicle to vehicle and requires the work of a trained diesel repair professional.

What Is It Good For?

engine repairThe three main reasons to adjust vehicle tuning include a desire to increase the engine’s power, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, or the engine’s durability. Adjusting the engine’s power is usually done to obtain higher speeds or a better rate of acceleration. In many cases, the computer prevents the car from reaching the maximum speed shown on the dashboard, and it must be adjusted if the car is modified in such a way to let it reach that speed.

Likewise, adjustments to the computer will help save money by improving fuel efficiency and fine-tuning the engine so it runs smoother and lasts longer. These savings will allow the tuning job to pay for itself in a few years, making it a valuable investment.

For residents of Scottsville, NY, Jack’s Repair and Road Service provides all forms of tuning, diesel engine repair, tire work, transmission repair, and service for other vehicle needs. Their experts are fully equipped and knowledgeable, which means they can get clients’ vehicles to run at the best levels possible and boost them in whatever ways clients require. To learn more about their tuning services, visit their website, and give the diesel repair shop a call at (585)538-2399 to speak with a team member today.

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