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Our Family and Life January 3, 2018

Our Family and Life, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Our Family and Life

It’s very common that I am asked what is it liked to be married to a funeral director and how does Jason and I cope with working in the ministry where we deal with sadness on a regular basis. You know honestly the only answer for how we cope with the sadness on a daily basis is by God’s grace. We always have those days when we meet with those families that have been struck with a sudden loss or those who have been waiting knowing that their loved one at any moment will transition into eternity. It’s as though God carries us through the day and when we find ourselves alone driving home or at night when were winding down is when we will experience the tears falling from the sadness we felt from the families. To say that the ministry that God has called us into is easy would not be true at all. When we witness the sadness and pain that others are feeling from the loss of the ones they love one of the best ways we have discovered we can help them is through our prayers. God has blessed us with the ability to pray for the families that He brings into our lives and we can honestly do only so much with the services we offer but in the Heavenly realm we can offer up our prayers to the Father. Being married to a funeral director is rewarding as I watch Jason work in the calling God placed on His life. Jason always amazes me when I see how loving he is with each family. Many don’t understand the type of life that funeral directors live and I can honestly say it’s an absolute calling from God. Jason is able to do so much more than I ever could imagine doing myself. He has the ability to use his hands to make someone who has passed from cancer or a tragic death looks absolutely amazing. I will never forget when my dad passed away twelve years ago after a strong and courageous battle of pancreatic cancer. My dad by the time he passed did not look like my dad that I remembered. It was hard to watch him slowly wither away and no longer look like my dad. But when the day came and we had our first viewing and I was able to see him one last time I was shocked to see how they took my sick dad and made him look healthy and alive again. Funeral directors are very special and I respect my husband for what he does and very proud for how he strives each day to do the best at what God has called him to do. With Jason and I working together the majority of the time it’s vital for us to take personal time and spend with one another. One getaway we enjoy is going for walks in the woods or down to the creek that’s located on our land. When we are able to just go for a walk for thirty minutes or so it allows us to reconnect with each other and often times believe it or not we might complain so that God can listen. And then of course we repent and try to focus on the positive in our lives like our two wonderful children. Jason and I make it a goal to always keep God first in our lives, then each other, then our children and then comes the funeral home. If we keep our order balanced our lives run a lot smoother and we have found that our lives are much happier. What many don’t know is that while we are not at the funeral home you can find your local funeral director on our farm taking care of his pigs, goats, horse and chickens. At least twice a year he is helping his sows give birth and the baby piglets will then be used to help our two children and others show pigs in 4-H. Jason has a big heart for animals and loves helping children and seeing them become who God created them to be. Being a funeral director’s wife is an honor for I know that God has trusted me with someone very special to him. I know that to help my husband to continue to give and work the hours he works one of my jobs is to hold him up in prayer. I will forever be grateful for the husband that God has blessed me with and the life we share with one another. More importantly Jason and I are very grateful that God has trusted us both to take care of His children and to honor them at the very last stage of their lives here on earth.

Written by: Anita J. Shipman

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