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Why There’s a Correlation Between Pizza & Happiness January 9, 2018

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Why There’s a Correlation Between Pizza & Happiness, Greece, New York

Need a happiness boost? You might want to try eating a slice of pizza. Scientists have found that pizza has actual mood-boosting benefits, aside from simply being delicious. So a local restaurant that serves the food, like Pizzeria Americana in Greece, NY, should be your go-to when you’re feeling a little down. Here are just some of the reasons why there’s an actual correlation between pizza and happiness.

How Pizza Can Lead to More Happiness

1. It’s a Natural Reward Driver

Foods that you enjoy the taste of, like those with lots of fats or sugars, are natural reward drivers. Your brain craves them, and it can lead to a short-term happiness boost. However, simply enjoying the taste of a food won’t lead to any long-term benefits.

2. It Includes Essential Nutrients

pizzaWhat can actually lead to more long-term happiness is the presence of certain nutrients, like tryptophan and Omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients can positively impact levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in your brain, which can help you combat depression and improve your happiness over the long term. Since pizza can be customized with all kinds of different toppings, you can easily use it as a vehicle to deliver those essential nutrients to your body.

3. It’s Rich in Carbs

Carbs are important when it comes to actually getting serotonin to your brain. Carbohydrates produce insulin, which delivers amino acids to your body’s tissues; a process that’s essential for the creation of serotonin in your brain. So, since pizza has plenty of carbohydrates, it can also contribute to this process.

Whether you’re trying to improve your happiness or simply enjoy a nice slice of pizza surrounded by friends and family, Pizzeria Americana offers a friendly atmosphere along with pizza made with delicious and high-quality ingredients. The pizzeria also offers other food items, like calzones and chicken wings, so it’s perfect for families or parties with varying tastes. You can view the full menu online or call (585) 227-9913 to learn more.

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