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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Plumbing Problems January 4, 2018

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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Plumbing Problems, Salmon, Idaho

Sinks, showers, and toilets are built to stand up against long-term usage. Unfortunately, over time, clogged drains and other plumbing problems may occur. The good news is there are several proactive steps you can take to extend the life of your property's pipe systems. Below are a few helpful tips.

How to Prevent Plumbing Problems

1. Avoid Bulky Items

One of the most common ways to clog a toilet is flushing items that aren't meant to be flushed. Avoid baby wipes, paper towels, sanitary napkins, and other bulky items. These materials aren't made to be broken down in water and are likely to expand. If possible, minimize the amount of toilet paper flushed too.

2. Keep Grease Away From Drains

Resist pouring grease and oil down sink drains and garbage disposals. Plumbing problems will likely occur due to the liquids hardening and sticking to pipes. Instead, put used grease in a sealed bag and toss it into the trash.

3. Use Drain Screens

plumbing problemsMade from strong mesh, drain screens are ideal for preventing food, hair, and other items from going down the drain. They're relatively inexpensive and prevent clogs and other plumbing repair problems. Place them in bathtubs and sinks and clean them at least once a week.

4. Check Water Heaters

Have a professional plumber inspect water heaters. They’ll detect signs of old age, rust, and other culprits that cause the units to leak. A malfunctioning water heater could unexpectedly burst and lead to leaks and flooding.

5. Periodically Treat Drains

Prevent expensive plumbing problems with a few home products. Once a month, thoroughly mix warm water with about one-fourth of baking soda and pour the mixture down the drain. Follow up with one cup of white vinegar. The mixture will dissolve any scum in the pipes. After about two hours, use hot water to flush the drains.


Ray's Heating Plumbing & Electric in Salmon, ID, is the area's premier source for repairing a wide range of plumbing problems. The family-owned business specializes in emergency situations involving clogged drains and pipe leaks. For repairs, maintenance, and inspections, call (208) 756-3649 today. Visit the website for more information on how to keep your home and business in top shape.

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