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5 Best Ways to Focus on Fitness in the Winter Months January 5, 2018

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5 Best Ways to Focus on Fitness in the Winter Months, Washington, Ohio

It’s the time of year when people tend to set some lofty fitness goals, but winter can also be a difficult time to keep up with those intentions. The cold weather makes it difficult to exercise outdoors, but there are some simple tricks you can use to avoid that winter slump and get the new year started off on the right foot. Here are some fitness tips to keep you moving throughout the winter.

5 Fitness Tips to Help You Avoid Feeling Out of Shape in Winter

1. Sign Up for Fitness Classes

You may be hesitant to do a lot of outdoor workouts during the winter months, but you can find some classes that take place indoors and give you a good starting point to continue those exercises throughout the year.  However it’s always fun to brave the elements; if you are up for some Frozen Feet, check out our January and February run & walk challenge!  

2. Set & Measure Goals

If you want to avoid the mid-winter slump, it’s a good idea to have specific goals in mind. Think about a weight you’d like to achieve or a number of reps you’d like to total by a certain date. Then track your goal throughout the winter to better your chances of staying on track.  Sign up for a spring race or event to keep you motivated to keep moving!  

3. Get an Accountability Buddy

fitnessIt can help to have someone in your corner to keep you accountable even when you don’t feel like heading to that fitness class or the local gym. Entrust a friend or family member to check in with you regularly and push you to continue your fitness goals.

4. Try Something New

Winter is the perfect time to try out a new type of workout, since that simple run around the park might not be a realistic option. If you’ve never tried kickboxing or yoga before, sign up for a class! You might just find a new favorite workout.  Our winter yoga classes start this Sunday, 11am in Dayton!  

5. Invest in New Fitness Equipment

A shiny new toy or two can also help you keep up your motivation throughout the winter. It can be something small like a new pair of running shoes or a great new winter workout outfit. If you invest in your fitness pursuits, it can help you stay interested in your workouts and motivated to make that investment worthwhile.

Up and Running In Dayton is a top destination for fitness apparel, accessories, classes, and events in Dayton, OH, with another location in Troy. From running shoes to workout clothes, you can find everything you need to keep up with your new year’s goals in the winter months and beyond. You can browse the inventory and more on the company’s website or call (937) 432-9210 for more information.

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