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Beware of Gas Station iPhone Cords/Chargers January 17, 2018

Northwest Harris, Harris
Beware of Gas Station iPhone Cords/Chargers, Northwest Harris, Texas

We have all been tempted to buy cheap Apple alternatives, especially at gas stations and dollar stores. You’re checking out in line and see a fun colored cord or a trendy looking charger, but beware. Looks can be deceiving and what might look easy on the eyes won’t necessarily be healthy for your iPhone or iPad’s battery life.


When you’re in a bind and need a replacement cord or charger for your device, we get it. Grab one at a secluded, shady gas station, but buyer beware. Your iPhone and/or iPad will thank you for giving it the right accessories to maintain battery life and ensure your device’s longevity. Take care of your precious iPhone or iPad by investing in an MFi cord/charger.


What does MFi stand for?

Apple has a licensing program for hardware developers that specifically gives them certification of making Apple accessories like cords and chargers at the level of quality that your devices should have. MFi stands for “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”.


What’s so good about MFi cords and chargers?

Rather than buying temporary, risky charging accessories through, say, a gas station, you should invest responsibly in a cord/charger that will last you long-term. MFi cords and chargers do just that. At Experimac Klein, we’re happy to be your guide to Apple accessories, and we prioritize making the buying experience better for every customer. Many of our MFi chargers include a lifetime warranty. If and when one might become damaged and dead, you simply pay a minimal shipping fee and you’ll receive a new cord in the mail.


Did we mention they can be 10 feet long?

If the lifetime warranty wasn’t enough value for you, what about those tricky occasions when your cords just won’t reach? You find yourself at a coffee shop or traveling in a poorly planned hotel room and the outlets are not where you need them. These 10’ charge cords allow you to be on your device as it charges, whenever, wherever. Rarely sold in stores, these extended MFi cords are very useful and sold right up the street at Experimac Klein.


Stop by our location, at the intersection of Louetta and Stuebner Airline, to preview all of our Apple accessories and certified, pre-owned devices.




Experimac Klein is your local solution for all Apple® related services and pre-owned products. Throughout Klein, TX, Spring, TX, Tomball, TX, Cypress, TX, Conroe, TX and The Woodlands, TX areas. We buy, sell, trade and repair Apple® products including Apple® iMac® computers, Macbook® laptops, iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets and more.


With us, you receive neighborhood-friendly service with highly competitive pricing for Apple® products, upgrades and repairs. Community-driven and here to help, Experimac Klein is your one-stop, no hassle partner to get you the devices you need to enjoy life and the service to keep them going strong.


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