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After Cremation: 3 Tips for Creating a Memorial Space in Your Home January 11, 2018

Flatlands, Brooklyn
After Cremation: 3 Tips for Creating a Memorial Space in Your Home, Brooklyn, New York

Cremation affords families and friends the opportunity to enjoy a completely personalized memorial experience. While some people might prefer spreading the ashes of a loved one in a place that was special to them, others like to create in-home spaces where they can reflect on their friend or family member’s life. Here are three tips for creating a memorial inside of your home. 

How to Make an In-Home Memorials

Choose the Right Area 

cremationAlthough you might be tempted to create an in-home memorial in an area you use a lot, these spots aren’t always the best places for deep reflection. Instead of choosing high-traffic areas like formal living rooms and offices, consider quieter, calmer places like seldom-used spare bedrooms, dens, or sunrooms. By selecting a quiet, comfortable space, you can retreat to the area whenever you need a minute alone to reflect. 

Fill Spaces With Meaningful Items

After you find the perfect place for your memorial space, put the urn in the area along with items that were meaningful to the decedent. For example, personal items like trophies, certificates, and gifts from that person are perfect for the space since you might have memories tied to those possessions. 

Add a Photo

In addition to meaningful items, add a photo or two of your loved one so you can remember your memories together. To make the memorial space feel happy and light, look for pictures that show them doing the activities they loved, like spending time with you.


For more advice on creating a memorial that appropriately honors your loved one, get in touch with Tri State Direct Cremation in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to offering affordable cremations and a wide variety of urns, they’re available for consultations 24/7 to help you in your time of need. To learn more about their services, explore their website or call (347) 470-1515.

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