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5 Signs You Need Refrigerator Repair January 3, 2018

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5 Signs You Need Refrigerator Repair, North Gates, New York

Your refrigerator is one of the most trusted appliances in your home. Most refrigerators have a long lifespan and provide a place to keep food fresh and frozen items at suitable temperatures. As time goes on, however, your refrigerator will need service. Upstate Appliance Repair in Rochester, NY shares five signs that you may need refrigerator repair.

5 Indicators That Refrigerator Repair Is Necessary

1. Spoiling Food

When temperatures in the refrigerator aren’t stable, your food may spoil more rapidly. A refrigerator that isn’t as cold as it once was is a clear indication that something isn’t working correctly and should be looked at by an appliance repair professional.

2. High Energy Costs

As appliances age, they will become less efficient. This higher energy consumption leads to an increase in your utility bills. When you see an unexpected rise in costs, call a professional to see if your refrigerator is using more power than it should. 

3. Unusual Noises

Bangs, screeches, whirring, and other strange noises mean a refrigerator repair is in order. When an appliance starts making noise, it usually means internal parts are beginning to degrade or fail, and will either need repair or replacement.

refrigerator repair4. Ice & Frost

Ice and frost buildup in both the freezer and the refrigerator portion of your unit can indicate several problems. Anything from a problematic thermostat to a dirty condenser coil can lead to sheets of ice. Even a worn door seal or gasket can cause frost. A refrigerator repair expert can find and fix the source of trouble.

5. Hot Motor

While you will usually feel warmer temperatures in the back of your unit, excessive heat behind the refrigerator means the motor is running too hot and the coils need maintenance. Don’t wait to repair overheating parts, as they could lead to further issues. 

The Greater Rochester and Monroe County area trusts Upstate Appliance Repair for their residential appliance services. From refrigerator repair to washer and dryer services, customer care is their number one priority. These appliance repair experts also have convenient hours and same day service to ensure your household appliances are working no matter what. Call (585) 880-1823 to schedule service or learn more about their offerings online

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