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The Pros & Cons of Socializing Your Dog at Dog Camp January 8, 2018

Bad Rock-Columbia Heights, Flathead
The Pros & Cons of Socializing Your Dog at Dog Camp, Bad Rock-Columbia Heights, Montana

For a dedicated dog owner, socialization is a key part of canine care. It’s about teaching pets to be happy, well-mannered members of the family, and dog camps and parks are excellent for behavioral training and socialization. K-9 Camp & Boarding Retreat in Flathead, MT, is the leading dog boarding facility in the area, committed to treating your four-legged family members like their own. Here’s their take on the pros and cons of socializing dogs at parks and camps.

A Guide to Socialization at Dog Camp


dog campYour dog can’t socialize without other canines, and the biggest benefit of dog camps and parks is that they’re full of pets and owners who want to intermingle. Your companion will have the opportunity to meet dogs of all breeds, sizes, and personalities, which is essential for proper socialization. For a young dog, everything is new. They rely on new experiences to learn how to respond and behave. The best part is, they’ll be having too much fun running, playing, and exercising to realize they’re learning valuable lessons.


The positive lessons learned at the dog park depend on whether the other dogs are willing to play nice. Like people, all dogs have different personalities. Some instantly make friends, while others are less likely to get along. It’s important for owners to watch their dogs at all times and be ready to intervene at the first sign of trouble. At a big park, supervising a dog’s actions amidst several other canines can be difficult. It’s hard to control the situation at a dog park, but a professional dog camp is supervised by professionals.

At K-9 Camp & Boarding Retreat, dog camp is a safe and enriching experience. Dogs attend programs on a regular basis, and they enjoy playing and socializing in a luxurious environment. Pet owners know they can trust their beloved companions to these experienced professionals for many happy stays. Sign your pup up for dog camp by calling (406) 755-7487 (SITS). You’ll also learn more about the pet resort on their website.

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