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Workers' Compensation Lawyers List 4 Winter Hazards to Avoid January 11, 2018

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Workers' Compensation Lawyers List 4 Winter Hazards to Avoid, Rochester, New York

Any workplace can be dangerous, but winter brings its own unique hazards and risks to employees in a variety of industries. If you’re injured on the job, a workers’ compensation lawyer will help you get wage replacement and other benefits, but you’re better off avoiding an accident in the first place. Below are a few job site dangers to look out for this winter.

4 Winter-Related Workplace Hazards to Avoid

1. Icy Roads

workers compensation lawyerWinter driving conditions can cause even the most experienced drivers to lose control of their vehicles, so take extra care when driving on wet or icy roads. Slow down for turns and curves in the road, and leave a little extra space between your car and the one in front of you. If something unexpected occurs, that extra second can make the difference between getting into an accident and arriving home safely.

2. Reduced Visibility

If you’re on a road construction crew or work anywhere near traffic, take extra steps to make sure drivers can see you. Along with your reflective vest, wear bright colors and place traffic cones or other barriers correctly.

3. Slippery Walkways

Falling on an icy walkway or staircase can result in serious injuries, some of which require long-term care. Inform maintenance right away if your walkway hasn’t been shoveled or salted.

4. Use Equipment Carefully

Snowblowers and other equipment can rapidly clear away messy sidewalks and roads, but they can also be dangerous. Only qualified individuals should operate or maintain any type of power equipment, so ask for proper training before using it.


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