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4 Tips for Avoiding Tree Damage This Winter January 3, 2018

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4 Tips for Avoiding Tree Damage This Winter, Henrietta, New York

Hazardous trees in your yard are not only dangerous to anyone who walks under or near them, but they also risk serious property damage. Avoid both of these issues this winter by learning how to spot hazardous tree signs. Identifying the warning signs early and utilizing 24-hour emergency service from Rochester, NY’s Terry Tree Service helps keep your property safe all winter long:

24-Hour Emergency Service & Beyond: Top Ways to Prevent Tree Damage This Winter

1. Find Signs of Decay

Observe your trees for signs of decay, such as shelf fungus, mushrooms, and sizable wood conchs. Fungus indicates dead wood that must be removed as soon as possible. You may also notice fallen bark, which is another sign of dead wood.

2. Check for Weak, Cracked, & Hanging Branches

24-hour emergency serviceCheck each tree for cracked, hanging, or otherwise weak looking branches. These branches can fall at any time and hit a person, vehicle, or residence. If the woody perennials are healthy, tree trimming is usually enough to remedy the problem.

3. Determine If Any Trees Are Leaning or Feature Multiple Trunks

Look for serious leaning signs, such as partially-uprooted trunks and cracked soil. Multiple tree trunks is another leaning issue that risks severe damage during a blustery winter storm. Tree removal services are generally the best way to deal with this dangerous problem.

4. Work With Your Local Tree Service

Schedule tree trimming and removal services with Terry Tree Service whenever you suspect a serious issue. The company offers 24-hour emergency services to alleviate your concerns and keep your property safe any time of day or night. The company’s certified arborists and technicians provide the specialized care your woody perennials require to thrive.

Snow and ice only exacerbate tree problems during winter because of the extra weight. Schedule tree trimming and removal with Terry Tree Service before winter gets underway by calling (585) 436-2900. Visit the website to learn more about 24-hour emergency services, and like the company on Facebook for helpful tips and information.

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