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3 Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter January 3, 2018

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter, Unadilla, New York

As leaves fall and frost appears, many families look forward to using their fireplaces. Instead of just daydreaming about roasting marshmallows in the living room and hanging stockings from the hearth, it’s also a good idea to do some maintenance, so the amenity is ready to use once the temperatures drop. Below, the professionals at Black Cloud Chimney Sweeps in Unadilla, NY, share three tips on how to ready your fireplace for the winter.

Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter With These 3 Tips

1. Get a Chimney Inspection

The chimney is an integral part of your fireplace. It vents the smoke and ash upward and out of the home, so you can enjoy a fire without bad indoor air quality. Get your chimney inspected once a year in the fall to allow for enough time to make any necessary repairs. This way, you’ll know the amenity is safe to use once it gets cold.

2. Clean Your Fireplace

fireplaceChances are, you left your fireplace alone after putting out the flames for the final time last year. That means all the soot buildup from the winter is still inside the fire box and chimney. Take the time during the fall to hire a professional to sweep out the chimney and leave a clean slate for this year's fires. This will prevent fireplace malfunctions and improve the air quality in your home.

3. Obtain Wood

To really be ready to use your fireplace this season, you’ll need to have a stockpile of wood. If you can, chop down dead trees on the property to use inside the house. If you need a lot of wood, or you don’t have access to trees to do your own harvesting, order firewood from a local source. Purchase it a month or so in advance so the supplier can cut and deliver it before winter fully sets in.

If you need to schedule an appointment to tend to your fireplace before the onset of winter, turn to the professionals at Black Cloud Chimney Sweeps for an inspection and cleaning. Give them a call today at (607) 369-5234 to request service. For more information on what they do, visit their website

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