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What You Should About Salmon Fishing: 5 Species Found in the Pacific January 11, 2018

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What You Should About Salmon Fishing: 5 Species Found in the Pacific, Juneau, Alaska

Alaska is well-known for its amazing salmon fishing. Each year, visitors from all over the world come to partake in this wondrous bounty, and in Auke Bay, AK, Big Jim's Charters can help you find the catch of a lifetime. As the region’s premier fishing charter, this fearless team offers adventurers an unforgettable experience on the water. They can also provide information on the different types of salmon species and how you can identify each.

Salmon Fishing: 5 Types of Pacific Salmon


As a commercial fish, pinks are primarily used for canned salmon preparation. Also known as humpback salmon (due to the a hump appearing on the backs of spawning males), this species can be found in the waters of northern California to Alaska. Pinks tend to be on the small side, usually only reaching four pounds in weight.


Conversely, king salmon are the largest among the species. They can reach up to 40 pounds, which makes them a valuable catch for fishermen. Depending on their diet and where they’re located, kings can range in color; for instance, in fresh water, males will appear purple/red in color. This variety of salmon is also Alaska’s state fish, and is ideal for both sport fishing, as well as sustenance.

salmon fishingChums

While the average weight for chum salmon stems from seven to 18 pounds, in some instances, they can grow as large as 32 pounds. Chums are typically used for their caviar, as this fish itself has less value as a food item. However, those native to Alaska do use this species as food for their sledding dogs. As a result, chums are often referred to as dog salmon among locals.


If you enjoy smoked salmon, sockeyes are the way to go. Due to their vibrant colors, sockeyes are commonly called reds, and they typically average between four and eight pounds. During spawning season, the male of the species develop highly sharpened teeth and hooked jaws.


As the last of the spawning salmon, cohos can be found in areas in Southeast Alaska to the Chukchi Sea. This variety is best for poaching and grilling and usually reach a maximum of 12 pounds in weight (although some have been known to reach up to 36 pounds). They are also extremely lively in the water and can often be seen leaping from the water acrobatically.

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