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4 Tips to Keep Your Sump Pump from Freezing January 11, 2018

Baltimore, Baltimore County
4 Tips to Keep Your Sump Pump from Freezing, Baltimore, Maryland

Many people remember the effect cold weather can have on their home’s plumbing and take appropriate preventative action. But some forget their sump pump is susceptible to freezing, too. This appliance is necessary for keeping your basement from flooding and needs as much protection from the cold as the rest of your home. Below, Len The Plumber in Baltimore, MD, shares some tips to keep your sump pump working all winter long.

4 Tips to Keep Your Sump Pump From Freezing

1. Ease the Load

Sump PumpOne of the best ways to keep your sump pump from freezing is reducing the amount of water getting into your basement in the first place. You can direct water away from your home by installing gutters, drains, and ditches. This is a more proactive approach that will protect your home in more ways than one.

2. Let It Flow

Another alternative is to keep water flowing through the sump pump. The movement won’t give it the opportunity to freeze in the pipes or in the pump itself. Water flow may lessen during the winter months, so keep an eye on it.

3. Wrap It Up

If your pump fails to function properly after a cold night, your outside discharge pipes are probably the culprits. Contact with the frigid night air can make them freeze more easily than the inside components. You can mitigate this problem by wrapping them in pipe sleeves, blankets, or insulating them in some other way.

4. Bury It

Another way to keep those outside pipes from freezing is to make sure they’re buried underground. The earth is a marvelous insulator, so let it take the pressure off your pump.

Whether you need help implementing these tips or your sump pump is frozen, turn to Len The Plumber. They will take care of all your plumbing needs, with a goal to provide same-day service. Their licensed plumbers have extensive training, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the most reliable work. Contact them today at (410) 247-9970 or visit their website to learn more.

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