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Should You Use Paver Stones or Natural Flagstone for Hardscaping? January 3, 2018

Henrietta, Monroe
Should You Use Paver Stones or Natural Flagstone for Hardscaping?, Henrietta, New York

When it comes to hardscaping, the two most common options are paver stones or natural flagstone. Many people appreciate the natural beauty of real stone, but concrete pavers have their benefits as well. In the following sections, Pittsford Paving, the most experienced paving and sealcoating company in Rochester, NY, discusses the differences and benefits of concrete pavers and natural stone.

Natural Stone

Natural flagstone used in paving is usually sandstone, featuring feldspar and quartz bound with silica or calcite. It comes in a variety of colors, although the most common are red, buff, and blue. It must be quarried from deposits of sedimentary rock that are "fissile," or tend to split along flat planes. The quarrying and transportation costs make natural flagstone pavers more expensive, but their durability and natural beauty make them a favorite among many landscape enthusiasts.

Paver stones in Rochester, NYConcrete Paver Stones

Paver stones were developed when clay bricks were unavailable or expensive. They are made from concrete poured into forms, with colors added to make them resemble natural stone. They are usually not quite as durable as natural stone, but they are nevertheless sturdy and long lasting. Moreover, they are much less expensive to produce, and they come in a range of textures and colors for customizing your project. For much less trouble and expense than it takes to acquire natural flagstone, you can find affordable pavers to fit any hardscaping need around your house. Additionally, their uniform size and shape make them easier to install.

If you want a driveway with character or plan to add some hardscape features to your landscaping, contact Pittsford Paving in Rochester, NY. Their expert technicians have been doing wonders with paver stones throughout Monroe County for upwards of 50 years. Visit their website to submit an information request form, or call (585) 424-3460 to discuss your options with a helpful professional.

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