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3 Reasons to Install 3M™ Thinsulate Window Film in Your Home December 29, 2017

Old Forge, Lackawanna
3 Reasons to Install 3M™ Thinsulate Window Film in Your Home, Old Forge, Pennsylvania

Residential window film and window tinting have long offered businesses and homeowners the benefit of glare reduction. With the introduction of 3M™ Thinsulate Window Film, you have a resource that will also save you money, protect your furniture, and help you stay comfortable. Sun Control Plus, a 3M window tint installer in Old Forge, PA, offers three reasons this protection is important for your home. 

3 Advantages of 3M Thinsulate Window Film

1. ComfortWindow film in Old Forge, PA

The 3M Thinsulate product makes it easier to control the temperature of your home by increasing insulation to your existing windows. The insulative barrier prevents heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer, making your home more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool.

2. Efficiency

3M Thinsulate Window Film improves the efficiency of your existing windows without the need for a costly upgrade. For instance, it gives a single-pane window the insulative capacity of double-pane glass with much less hassle and expense than replacing the windows. This way, you can use those home improvement dollars elsewhere.

3. UV Protection

In addition to making your home more comfortable and efficient, 3M window film also blocks 99% of all UV rays. This prevents damage and fading that would otherwise occur to the carpets, furniture, interior paint, and artwork in your home. Even clear window films offer some benefits. This is ideal if HOA guidelines—or personal preferences—keep you from altering the exterior appearance of your home.

To have 3M™ Thinsulate Window Film installed in your home, contact the experts at Sun Control Plus in Old Forge, PA. They've been serving Lehigh Valley County customers for more than two decades, so they have the experience and expertise to complete the job quickly at an affordable rate. Visit them online to submit an information request form, or call (570) 451-1655 to discuss your options with a helpful representative.

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