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3 Ways to Keep Family Traditions Going After a Loss January 18, 2018

3 Ways to Keep Family Traditions Going After a Loss, Wagoner, Oklahoma

After a loved one passes away, it may be hard for the family to keep certain traditions going. When the time feels right, there are numerous ways to continue celebrating special events while acknowledging the deceased. Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory in Wagoner, OK, and Muskogee Cremation Services in Muskogee, OK, help families plan customized memorial services designed to remember the legacies of relatives and friends. The family-owned firm shares several ways to maintain traditions following the death of a loved one.

Memorial Service Specialists Share How to Restore Traditions After a Loss

Get Feedback

Speak with the family and get feedback on whether a family tradition should continue. Give everyone enough time to discuss before the tradition is scheduled to occur. You may find that most will want to keep the special event going to remember those who've passed away.

Honor Their Memory

memorial servicesIt will likely be difficult to continue a tradition if a family member is no longer around. Consider maintaining the event by honoring the deceased's memory. Share their favorite stories or have relatives talk about memories and humorous exchanges. The reflections may bring some cheer to the room while remembering the loved one.

Create Mementos

Expand the traditional gathering by incorporating mementos. Children can create pictures, cards, and other items to honor the person's memory. Holiday ornaments and other crafts are also ways to remember those who've passed. You can also highlight mementos with favorite colors, sports teams, and song lyrics or scriptures. For additional help, a memorial service specialist can offer inspiring ideas.

Celebrate the lives of your family members and friends by keeping traditions alive. Serving all of eastern Oklahoma, western Texas, and north Texas, Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory in Wagoner, OK and Muskogee Cremation Services in Muskogee, OK, is your trusted source for various memorial services. To learn more, call (918) 485-9525. Visit the website for extensive information on several funeral planning options.

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