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How Truck Driving School Can Benefit Your Family December 29, 2017

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How Truck Driving School Can Benefit Your Family, Riga, New York

Whether you’ve always wanted to work on the road or are exploring new career opportunities, a truck driving school can put new possibilities in reach. Since trucking is a job unlike any other, many potential students wonder how the change might impact their home lives. Before getting behind the wheel, consider how a commercial driver’s license can benefit your family.

What a Trucking Career Can Do for Your Family

1. Flexible Training

Compared to other forms of career training, CDL school programs are fairly adjustable to fit your specific needs. Training requires very little time investment, as most courses can be completed within four weeks. If you’re working another job, you can often opt for part-time classes to accommodate your schedule. Priced at a few thousand dollars, training courses are highly affordable, and the cost can often be recouped during your first months on the road. Some employers might even reimburse you for your expenses.

2. Quality Time

truck driving schoolWhile many drivers spend several nights away from their homes, it doesn’t always have to be the case. Depending on who you sign with, you might be able to secure routes that get you home on a regular basis. If overnight travel is feasible, many companies also guarantee weekend breaks to give you the opportunity to rest and relax with your loved ones.

3. High Pay & Stability

Long-distance hauling is in demand in the United States, and many fleets are short on trained operators. By earning your CDL at a truck driving school, you will rise ahead of other applicants and have the opportunity to earn great pay from the start. In addition to supporting your family with great pay, you can have peace of mind knowing trucking is an incredibly stable career that you can maintain for a lifetime.

4. Medical Benefits

When you stay healthy, you can stay on the road. That’s why many reputable freight companies offer their drivers and their families extensive health insurance benefits, ensuring everyone can visit the doctor when they have medical issues.


If you’re looking to change your life for better, Professional Driver Institute can give you the training you need to earn your CDL and get hired by the best fleets. Serving the Greater Rochester, NY, area, this fully licensed and accredited truck driving school has been jump-starting careers since 1993. These training programs are led by experienced professionals who will comfortably introduce you to the world of big rigs and help you gain the skills you need to hit the road with confidence. Visit them online to learn more about their courses and job placement success. To register for an upcoming information session, call a team member today at (585) 293-1203.

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