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3 Ways to Gain Independence With New Mobility Equipment December 27, 2017

Burnsville, Dakota
3 Ways to Gain Independence With New Mobility Equipment, Burnsville, Minnesota

If you or your loved one has lost independence, new mobility equipment can help you regain some of it. Metro Medical Homecare in Burnsville, MN, is excited to share the latest innovations in medical equipment. Whether you are looking for a useful holiday gift or are resolving to improve your quality of life in the new year, browse the list below to review their top choices. 

Best Mobility Equipment Options 

Power Scooters 

Also known as electric mobility scooters, power scooters make moving around faster and more convenient. If you or a family member are limited by a standard wheelchair, these three-wheeled power chairs come in a variety of colors, including cherry red and cobalt black. Active adults can select a model with a large, built-in basket for traveling and shopping. Some even come with LED lighting and interchangeable color panels. Best of all, the most updated versions include long-lasting batteries and multi-year warranties. 


Mobility EquipmentMany of today’s manual wheelchairs are setting a new standard. The best styles are made of lightweight aluminum, so they are easier to operate. They also include convenient hand breaks for safety. Choose from slim wheels and a folding chair, or rely on the strength of large, 24-inch back wheels and a hemi-spaced footrest.


If your current walker is losing its durability or comfort, a new product can make moving around the home and heading out to play simpler than ever. There are a variety of state-of-the-art options on the market for every need, including rolling models with seats made of long-lasting aluminum. If you are looking for a classic walker, affordable two-button folding products with heavy duty wheels are available. 

Whatever type of product you prefer, there are a variety of options available to delight you and your loved ones and make you more independent. Quality customer service also makes it easy to select the chair or walker for you. To learn more about the newest mobility equipment, call Metro Medical Homecare in Burnsville, MN, at (952) 854-3603. 

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