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3 Benefits of Counseling During Divorce December 26, 2017

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
3 Benefits of Counseling During Divorce, Juneau, Alaska

Getting divorced is an overwhelming and emotional process, and it can take a major toll on each individual involved. Counseling during a divorce can provide numerous benefits and help you make it through the process by providing the tools to cope. Colleen Torrence, MED, LPC in Juneau, AK, has been counseling patients since 1997, specifically focusing on trauma counseling, anxiety, and depression. Here, she shares some of the top benefits of counseling.

Benefits of Counseling During Divorce

1. Helps Solidify the Decision

Divorce is a difficult, life-altering decision, so making sure both spouses feel 100% comfortable is key. A family counselor can walk you through what it means for your family's future and determine if problems can be solved. This can help alleviate some of the emotional pain that comes with making the decision, as a counselor can ensure it's mutual and that both parties feel comfortable with it. 

2. Provides Support for Everyone Involved 

counselingDivorce rarely affects only two people. More often, entire families and kids are involved. From splitting houses, co-parenting, and making custody decisions, a counselor can walk the family through the emotions that come with those decisions. Additionally, it can provide both the kids and families with real tools and strategies to communicate properly through the adjustment.

3. Guides You In Managing the Stress

Whether you initiated the divorce or not, times of change and transition will bring mounds of stress. Most people have to continue to go about their normal lives during the divorce, and it can be hard to learn practical ways to start over. Counseling will help you address underlying problems and teach you ways to cope healthily. 

If you're going through a divorce and having trouble coping with the transition and the emotions that come alongside it, therapy can be beneficial for you. Colleen Torrence, MED, LPC, is known for her extensive experience with trauma counseling while maintaining compassion and support. To learn more, visit her website or call (907) 789-9212 to set up your first session today. 

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