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HVAC Contractors Explain "Auto" or "On" Thermostat Settings January 3, 2018

Plainville, Hartford County
HVAC Contractors Explain "Auto" or "On" Thermostat Settings, Plainville, Connecticut

Enjoying the toasty warmness or cool, refreshing air coming from an HVAC system is one of the comforts of home. However, when the monthly energy bill arrives, are you relieved by or surprised at the total? You may be surprised to learn the setting you leave your thermostat on plays a role in how much you spend. The experienced team of HVAC contractors at Total Mechanical Systems in Plainville, CT, is here to explain which option is better: “auto” or “on.”

For starters, the typical system has a network of ducts and other parts designed to circulate air throughout a home or business. HVAC units also have internal components to produce cool and warm air. If the thermostat is set to the "on" position, the fan will run without any interruptions as long as it's working properly. The "auto" setting on the thermostat means the fan is working if the HVAC system is running.

HVAC contractorSo, what's the better option? The answer: Setting the thermostat on auto. Continuously running the system triggers non-stop air blowing over the evaporator coil. The result is a buildup of moisture that will unfortunately produce clammy and damp conditions. Choosing the auto setting prevents unwanted moisture by giving the evaporator coil a rest period every once in a while.

Additionally, when you leave it on the auto setting, less dirty air infiltrates spaces that typically don't get even distribution. These include basements, garages, and attics. This is again because the HVAC system shuts off sometimes with this setting, which keeps your indoor air quality higher. 

Finally, HVAC contractors recommend the auto setting if you want to see cheaper energy costs and save money on repairs. Because they’re taking breaks, the system’s components won’t be forced to work overtime, which prolongs their lifespan. 

Let Total Mechanical Systems help maintain your heating and cooling systems. Call the Plainville area's premier HVAC contractor today at (860) 314-1518 for a free estimate on installation, repair, or maintenance services. Check out the website for information on their other available services, including bathroom remodeling.

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