Waikiki, Hawaii

Why You Should Consider Joining a Vacation Club December 27, 2017

Waikiki, Honolulu
Why You Should Consider Joining a Vacation Club, Honolulu, Hawaii

A lot of people assume lavish vacations are incredibly expensive and as a result, they rarely travel. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to steal away on a tropical retreat every year if you join a vacation club. The Imperial Hawaii Resort in the heart of Waikiki provides some of the most luxurious accommodations on Oahu, and you can take advantage of them for much less than you would pay to stay at a traditional hotel.

What Is a Vacation Club?

How They Differ From Time Shares

Both vacation clubs and timeshare programs provide members with luxurious accommodations that are far more affordable than similar services and amenities you might find at a traditional hotel; however, there are a few major differences between the two. For example, people who buy into traditional timeshare programs can typically only stay at a particular location on a predetermined date for a set period. Although some timeshare providers have recognized that vacationers want more flexibility, the only truly affordable way to take a totally customized trip of your choice for a fraction of its retail value is by joining a vacation club.

Why They Are Advantageous

vacation clubPeople who join vacation clubs are not actually buying a stake in any particular piece of real estate. Rather, they are buying into a program that will provide them with the accommodations of their choosing. Club members can change their travel dates and the kind of room they stay in every time they visit. They are not limited to the same restrictions of traditional timeshares, and since they don’t actually own a portion of the property, they do not have to worry about annual maintenance fees.

If the savings are the biggest benefit of joining a vacation club, amenities are a close second. Not only do resort members get to stay in much nicer rooms for a considerably lower rate, but they also have access to amenities that standard hotel guests do not.

For example, the vacation club at The Imperial Hawaii Resort in Honolulu boasts 248 luxurious suites and apartments. Additionally, members have access to the owner’s lounge on the 26th floor, which has stunning views and comfortable seating. You can learn more about the other services and amenities this resort is proud to provide both hotel guests and club owners by visiting their website. To join their vacation club, call (808) 923-1827. 

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