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How Pilates Can Help With Chronic Pain January 11, 2018

Wheat Ridge, Jefferson
How Pilates Can Help With Chronic Pain, Wheat Ridge, Colorado

When it comes to managing chronic pain or recovering from an injury, nothing replaces physical therapy. Many therapists recommend the combination of treatment and exercise such as Pilates. Below, Empower Physical Therapy & Wellness in Wheat Ridge, CO, explains what Pilates is and how it may be beneficial for people who have chronic pain or are recovering from injuries.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a style of exercise that combines repetitive, precise movements with concentration and breathing. The main goal of this activity is to control your movements to target specific areas of the body. It was not originally intended to be an activity to do in a class full of people looking to get fit. Instead, this style of exercise was made as a form of physical therapy for soldiers during World War l. Pilates can help people increase their flexibility, improve their muscle tone, and learn how to use their body efficiently and effectively and likely prevent future injuries.

Why Pilates And Physical Therapy Are A Great Combo...

pilatesAfter a physical therapist has performed their manual therapy on the patient, whether that is soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations, or dry needling, this is usually and should always be followed up with specific exercises to re-educate the “new state” of the muscles.

This is where Pilates comes in. As we mentioned before, Pilates was created with rehabilitation in mind. It helps strengthen the inner core, which can be the source of many problems, including low back pain.

When someone needs to improve their muscle strength and/or recovery from injury or chronic pain, Pilates can definitely help.

Those with chronic back pain can absolutely benefit from trying Pilates to stretch their back muscles, loosen tightness, increase flexibility, and improve posture through proper alignment techniques.

People who are struggling with arthritis can also benefit from Pilates as the moves encourage flexibility and joint stability, while the slow movements and low impact do not cause pain in the joints as other exercises might.

With a focus on core strength and precise movements, these exercises can tone and strengthen aching muscles to encourage healing. 

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