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What Is the Difference Between an Infrared Heater & a Furnace? January 11, 2018

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What Is the Difference Between an Infrared Heater & a Furnace?, East Greenwich, Rhode Island

When the weather gets cold, we naturally begin to notice how well our heating systems work. Chilly back rooms and cold corners become more pronounced, and we quickly realize that the strength of the furnace or the placement of the vents prevents the entire house from being evenly warmed. Many consumers seek supplements to their furnaces, like infrared heaters, to solve these problems.

Furnace Provides a Foundation of Heat

Infrared HeaterA furnace is built to heat an entire home via combustion, which works by burning fuel to create hot air that is then blown through the ductwork of a building. They use a relatively high amount of fuel and can be noisy depending on their age and location. Because a home’s ductwork is fixed, furnaces cannot direct heat to specific areas; heat comes from the vents in a room, and depending on how these are placed, they may not heat a room evenly. Furnaces may not have enough power to heat less insulated rooms, basements, or upper floors. 

Infrared Heaters Can Minimize Cold Pockets

An infrared heater is not a central heating system, but it is a solution to the inadequacies of a central heating system. It is a room heater that provides warmth to a specific part of your house that your central heat doesn’t quite reach, like a basement or poorly insulated corner room. Rather than heating with burning fuel, an infrared heater produces rays of heat that are absorbed by its surroundings very quickly, heating a smaller space much quicker than a furnace heats a home. Infrared heaters don’t blow air, which means that they are very quiet and nondisruptive. 


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