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Why You Should Convert a Pole Barn Into a Man Cave December 22, 2017

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Why You Should Convert a Pole Barn Into a Man Cave, Savannah, Tennessee

Everyone needs a space of their own where they can unwind, work on personal hobbies, and focus on their emotional well-being. Whether you’re a novice carpenter in need of a wood shop or a gamer looking for a secluded spot, every guy needs a man cave to escape to. If your home lacks space for a dude den of your own, don’t fret! Building a pole barn is the perfect way to create a man cave without investing in a home addition. Below are reasons to convert one of these metal structures into a rugged retreat of your very own, along with some must-have items you need to complete them.

What You Can Do With a Pole Barn Man Cave

Set Up a Microbrewery

Are you a craft brewer who is always offering beer recommendations on a night out? Convert a pole barn into your own microbrewery where you can experiment with new batches of ale and let your friends sample your latest concoctions.

Install a Home Theater

pole barnWhether you’re an enthusiastic gamer or enjoy watching older films, it’s hard to get your screen time in on the family TV. All you need to start a private home theater is a flat-screen, a decent surround-sound system, and comfortable seating. Pole barns can also be insulated and soundproofed, so you can crank up the volume as high as you’d like.

Create the Ultimate Entertaining Space

Love entertaining your buddies but don’t want to keep the kids up with late-night revelries? Consider installing a bar in your pole barn! You can turn the space into a small pub complete with beer taps, a billiards table, and darts.

Restore a Car or Boat

Whether your need for speed is better suited to land or water, a pole barn is the perfect spot to restore a car or boat. You can keep your prized possession safe from the elements while enjoying enough space for engine work and paint jobs.

Organize Your Workshop

If you love tinkering with new toys or working on projects, a pole building is a no-brainer. This secluded space can be located far enough from your home so the power tools don’t keep your housemates awake. You’ll also have plenty of real estate in which to organize your gear, set up workstations, and store special equipment.


Find the perfect pole barn for your man cave at H & H Metal Products. Serving Savannah, TN, and the surrounding Tri-State area, this family-owned business has a wide selection of roofing materials, metal siding, and pole buildings to offer. Learn more about their services online or by calling (731) 925-1922.

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