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Top 3 Steps to Protect Your Garage Door During Winter December 21, 2017

Middletown, Butler
Top 3 Steps to Protect Your Garage Door During Winter, Middletown, Ohio

With winter almost here, now is the time to start taking the necessary steps to protect your home from the ice and snow. While a lot of time is rightfully spent winterizing areas such as windows and attics, your garage door shouldn’t be left off the to-do list. To keep this amenity working properly throughout the season, follow the steps below.

3 Ways to Winterize Garage Doors

1. Apply Lubrication to Metal Hardware

garage doorThe dry air of winter will take its toll on any piece of the garage door that isn’t adequately lubricated. Because of these negative effects, any piece of metal hardware that’s part of the door mechanism, such as the roller, springs, and track, should be tended to. First, remove the old lubricant with a cloth. Then, apply an even coat of an oil-based solution. Wipe away the excess lubricant after you’re finished, and the door will operate smoothly all winter long.

2. Remove Debris From Tracks

A lot of debris can build up in garage door tracks during the spring, summer, and fall. If you haven’t already done so, clear this area of any leaves, cobwebs, dust, and dirt to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly during the winter. Debris can cause the door to shut looser than it should, allowing the cold air to enter the garage and, eventually, your home.

3. Replace Worn Weather Stripping

To guard against the cold, repair some of the damage sustained over the summer. Weather stripping can become worn due to extreme heat, so a full replacement might be necessary. Examine the weather stripping at the bottom of the door, and replace it if there are signs of cracking or missing sections entirely.


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