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How to Wash Shoes in the Washer & Dryer January 11, 2018

Belmont, Lincoln
How to Wash Shoes in the Washer & Dryer, Lincoln, Nebraska

Whenever laundry day rolls around, many of us follow the same routine. We gather our pile of dirty clothing and linens, separate them by color and texture, then take a trip to our local laundromat or basement in order to wash these items. While this method gets the majority of your belongings clean, it often excludes shoes. When worn daily, our sneakers, slippers, and other soft shoes can get dirtier than even our favorite garments. However, few of us think to toss our sneakers and shoes in the washer and dryer, choosing instead to wash them by hand or not at all.

To learn how you can wash your shoes in the machine, continue reading below.

Your Guide to Washing Shoes in the Washer & Dryer

Check the Material

The first thing you should do is verify the material of your shoes. Sneakers and slippers are typically made of canvas, cotton, nylon, or polyester. These materials are safe to put in the washer and dryer and should not cause trouble. On the other hand, shoes which are made of leather or felt are more prone to damage and should be washed by hand, or taken to a professional. If you are in doubt, check the tag on the shoes for exact materials and cleaning instructions.

Remove Laces & Other Components

Before placing your shoes in the machine, remove laces and any other dangling components and designs. These loose items may get caught in the machine or become damaged. Once removed, place them in a wash bag or pillowcase to keep them safe.

Scrub Off Dirt & Debris

washer and dryerIf your shoes have caked-on mud, dirt, or gravel, take a few minutes to scrub them before throwing them in the wash. Excess dirt and debris is difficult to clean with a washer alone, and the dirt may linger in your machine, affecting the cleanliness of other loads. Scrubbing your shoes in advance helps to ensure that the dirt and debris will not make it into your machine.

Wash With Cold Water & Dry on a Low Setting

To limit any potential damage to your shoes, set the washing machine to “cold.” Cold water prevents colors from running and helps to keep your shoes bright. When drying your shoes, set the dryer to the lowest setting to prevent shrinkage, and to keep any plastic components from melting or changing shape.


If you are ready to try machine-washing your shoes, visit City Laundry. Located in Lincoln, NE, this laundromat includes both commercial and self-service laundry options. To learn more about their washers and dryers and hours of operation, visit the website or call (402) 483-2113 today.

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