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5 Ways to Help Keep Your HVAC System in Top Condition December 19, 2017

Dothan, Houston
5 Ways to Help Keep Your HVAC System in Top Condition , Dothan, Alabama

Keeping your home toasty warm when the temperatures drop or refreshingly cool during humid weather is possible with a reliable HVAC system. To keep the unit working all year round, there are several ways to maintain it for optimum performance.

Helpful HVAC Maintenance Tips

1. Replace Old Filters

The filters in air conditioning and heating systems work hard to ensure air is circulating evenly throughout a home or business. Every two or three months, replace the filter if there are signs of dust and debris buildup.

2. Remove Debris

If the HVAC unit is located outside, clear away twigs, leaves and other debris from around it. This will ensure there won't be any obstructions to impede air flow. For best results, leave at least 12 inches around the system's coil.

3. Clean Condensate TubeHVAC

Have a certified HVAC specialist inspect the system's condensate drain tube for any buildup of algae and other impurities. Using specialty cleaning agents, they will be able to remove the unwanted accumulation from the tube to keep it sanitized and clog-free.

4. Determine Optimum Temperatures

Consult your unit's manufacturer's manual to determine the optimum temperature settings for cold and warm seasons. Knowing the settings will help prevent the HVAC system from overworking and can ultimately save you money on your monthly utility bills.

5. Schedule Annual Inspections

At least once a year, have your HVAC system thoroughly inspected by a certified technician. They will be able to check the unit for old or damaged components and make any necessary repairs. Experienced specialists are also trained to spot small problems before they become big, costly headaches.


Southeastern Cooling, Inc. in Dothan, AL is your trusted resource for all of your HVAC maintenance and repair needs. To schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate on service, call (334) 792-1761 today. Check out the website for additional information on products and services to keep your home and business' HVAC systems in top condition. Be sure to ask about the local company’s customer-friendly maintenance service agreements.

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