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3 Reasons to Consider Getting a Used Pizza Oven for Your Restaurant December 19, 2017

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
3 Reasons to Consider Getting a Used Pizza Oven for Your Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York

New York is famous for its cheesy, thin crust pizza that locals and tourists love to eat. If your dream is to delve into the pizza business and start your own shop, most of your money will be used to purchase a pizza oven and other necessary restaurant equipment. Brand-new commercial appliances put a huge dent in the budget. The team at Pepo Restaurant Supply in Brooklyn, NY, explain the benefits of purchasing a used pizza oven for your restaurant.

Why You Should Purchase a Used Pizza Oven

Some Used Items Are Like-New

When restaurants go out of business a few months after opening, their equipment is often left behind. This lets you snag a barely-used pizza oven at a fraction of the original cost. Although you should always look closely at used items before purchasing them, you don’t need to worry about small dings and dents. Most used ovens are easy to repair and have a long lifespan. In some cases, the warranty still may be intact. To confirm, check with the supplier about the age of the oven.

There’s Room for Negotiation

pizza ovenRestaurant equipment suppliers who are looking to sell their inventory of used pizza ovens set their starting price. However, it’s possible for the buyer to negotiate based on the item’s condition and age. Try and make a counteroffer to see what kind of deal you get. 

Finances Are Focused in Other Areas 

With some professional pizza ovens costing upwards of $10,000, choosing a used oven allows you to focus your spending on other aspects of the restaurant. Whether you plan to attract customers by using the freshest, organic ingredients or incorporate stylish decor that encourages people to dine-in, you won’t have to cut costs in other areas. 

Opening a new restaurant is exciting, but also expensive. If you’re starting out and want to invest in restaurant equipment that won’t hurt your budget, contact Pepo Restaurant Supply to see their used options. With affordable pricing and swift service, their team is dedicated to making your experience pleasant. For more information about their inventory, call (718) 638-3804. 

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