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5 Bathroom Remodeling Projects to Breathe New Life into Your Daily Routine January 16, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
5 Bathroom Remodeling Projects to Breathe New Life into Your Daily Routine, Honolulu, Hawaii

When a bathroom has a basic or outdated design, it may just seem like a space to make pit stops as you tackle the day ahead. But with smart design and stylish upgrades, this room can become a tranquil sanctuary for first-rate relaxation and renewal. As a general contractor that has been renovating homes in Honolulu, HI, since 1984, Diamond Head Plumbing highlights a few popular ideas that can make your bathroom remodeling project a success.   

5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Perfect for a Fresh Start

1. Walk-In Shower

If you’re not a regular bathtub user, going for the shower-only bathroom will help save you some square footage. For the ultimate spa experience, consider glass enclosures, built-in benches, and rainfall showerheads to add a touch of luxurious elegance and comfort.

2. More Windows

With the right treatments and placement, adding windows to your bathroom doesn’t have to compromise privacy. And, if you install new windows to maximize the sun’s position over your home, you’ll be able to increase natural light — a must for anyone looking for a better styling experience in front of the mirror.

3. Tiled Walls

bathroom remodelingBathroom tile doesn’t just have to be reserved for the floor — it can make a wise upgrade for the walls as well. With the right design, tile can add a whole new dimension to the space. More importantly, tile is one of the best ways to defend against the effects moisture and humidity can have on walls. They are also easier to clean than standard painted walls.

4. Dual Sink Vanity

When you share a bathroom, it’s easy to feel rushed when you’re getting ready to go out, and sharing a sink only adds to the problem. By installing a long dual sink vanity, you can secure your own personal space and lend more time to your daily routine.

5. Smart Storage

If you’re already making a vanity upgrade, it can be beneficial to opt for a design that allows for more storage under the counter. However, if the space for the vanity is limited, built-in cabinetry and overhead shelving are other ways you can provide more space for towels and toiletries without feeling cramped.

While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by bathroom remodeling projects, having the support of a trusted professional can ease concerns about installation and cost. As both an expert plumber and general contractor, Diamond Head Plumbing is a top choice for any homeowner looking for a streamlined bathroom remodeling experience. This Honolulu contractor will not only safely and affordably upgrade the space, but they’ll also help introduce you to the best materials and design choices for your preferences. To learn more about this team’s capabilities, take a look at their website. Or, if you’re ready to get to work, call (808) 734-4344 to set up a design consultation with a trusted expert.

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