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What Is a Plea Bargain? A Criminal Law Attorney Explains December 21, 2017

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What Is a Plea Bargain? A Criminal Law Attorney Explains, Southaven, Mississippi

The American justice system is predicated on criminal law. No matter the charges you’re facing, having a grasp of basic concepts such as plea bargains is essential for understanding this process. Along with this knowledge, it’s also important that you have trusted legal guidance if you’ve been accused of a crime. For this reason, many people in Southaven, MS, look to the Robert Chamoun Law Firm for legal assistance when it counts the most.

Criminal Law Basics: Understanding Plea Bargains

If you are facing criminal charges (such as drug charges), your attorney may recommend that you accept a plea bargain. In this case, you will plead guilty to a particular charge in exchange for a reduced sentence. In many cases, taking a plea bargain will be based on a few considerations. For instance, a defendant who believes that he or she will be found guilty may accept a plea to mitigate the harshness of the sentence handed out.

criminal lawCharges of a serious nature are often subject to plea bargains, as the court system would rather hand down a guilty verdict than run the risk of a potential offender going free. Evidence can also play a role, and the prosecution may be more amenable to negotiations if they lack viable evidence to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

A defendant may also choose to plead no contest (or nolo contendere). While a criminal conviction will still occur with a no contest plea, in actuality a defendant is declaring to the court that he or she chooses not the contest the charges against them. In some instances, a person who is innocent of the charges but fears a guilty verdict may choose to plead no contest to prevent an even harsher punishment from occurring.

When it comes to knowledge of criminal law, Robert Chamoun Law Firm can prove a clear and concise view of the process so that clients can make the best possible decisions regarding their cases. Schedule a consultation with a trusted attorney in Southaven by calling (901) 596-4022 today. If you’d like more information on areas of practice, visit this law office online.

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