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The Advantages of Text Message Marketing December 19, 2017

Northeast Cobb, Cobb
The Advantages of Text Message Marketing, Northeast Cobb, Georgia

Companies work hard to reach their customers through a variety of channels, including TV, direct mail, online advertising, email, and social media. And even though mobile marketing has become a popular option, most people forget a basic aspect of it: text messaging. Here are some advantages of incorporating texts into your next marketing campaign.

The Benefits of Text Message Marketing

1. They Will Read It

Email inboxes routinely get flooded with advertisements of all kinds, and many of them never get opened. The same is true for letter campaigns. However, when you send someone a text message, it’s almost guaranteed that a potential customer will open and read it; 95% of people do so within three minutes of receiving it.

2. Every Phone Has It

marketingEvery phone today can receive and send text messages. Most users have plans that allow them to receive an unlimited number of messages, so your promotion isn’t costing them anything. 

3. You Can Add Pictures

Including a picture with your message engages more customers. Text messages now include pictures, allowing you to send flyers or menus to customers. 95% of phones allow the addition of multimedia. This means it’s worth considering MMS, or multimedia messaging service, as well.

4. It’s Easy to Sign Up

Encouraging someone to sign up for mobile marketing messages is often easier than getting their email address. They always have their phone on them, but they may not feel like pulling up a website and signing up. Texting a code to get onto your mailing list takes less than a minute. 


Your marketing campaign shouldn’t neglect the benefits of mobile messaging. Impact Mailers will help you set up a mobile messaging campaign and build a customer list through direct mail. They assist businesses across the nation grow their customer base and revenues. Call their marketing team at (888) 983-2250 or visit the website for more information.

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