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Why Should You Use Synthetic Blend Oil Over Conventional Oil? December 6, 2017

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Why Should You Use Synthetic Blend Oil Over Conventional Oil?, Landrum, South Carolina

When it comes to vehicle lubrication, full synthetics are often preferred over conventional oil products for greater engine protection. However, this premium protection can come at a higher price. Fortunately, Landrum Lube in Spartanburg County, SC, reminds motorists there’s a third option—synthetic blend oil. Combining full synthetic and conventional oils, this blend offers many benefits of the former at a much lower price. To help customers better understand their options, this car maintenance crew illustrates the advantages of synthetic blend oil over traditional products.

What a Synthetic Blend Oil Can Do for Your Car

Fewer Impurities

synthetic blend oilThe synthetic portion of the blended oil is synthesized in a lab to contain fewer impurities than conventional options. With a cleaner composition, this lubrication option is less likely to develop sludge as it runs through engine components over time. Keeping sludge out of your car can go a long way in protecting the life and performance of your engine.

Reduced Resistance

Compared to conventional oil, synthetic blends are known to provide less resistance between the many moving parts that keep an engine running. Over time, this smoother operation can help protect engine components from excess wear, saving you from costly repairs. This benefit also allows engines to run more efficiently, saving in gas over time.

Climate Protection

Conventional oil has a strong reputation for creating a variety of problems in extreme temperatures. In cold weather, it will develop a thicker viscosity that requires extra heating, making it more difficult for the engine to get the immediate protection it needs. In hotter climates, petroleum-based compositions can break down and evaporate, which, in turn, can deplete oil reserves. By contrast, synthetic blends offer greater molecular integrity, which makes them less susceptible to viscosity changes and evaporation.

For these reasons, synthetic blend oil tends to be a more popular choice among drivers who want to save on car maintenance needs. As masters of motor oil, the technicians at Landrum Lube can help you assess your options and explain which products might be ideal for your vehicle. Visit them online to learn more about their capabilities, or call (864) 457-3956 to speak with a trusted specialist.

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