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What Is Rekeying? A Local Locksmith Explains December 14, 2017

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What Is Rekeying? A Local Locksmith Explains, Old Mystic, Connecticut

People often talk about needing to change their locks, whether it’s because of a household change or employee turnover, but situations like these don’t necessarily require a full change. Instead, it may be more realistic to simply rekey your lock. This is far faster and less expensive and will accomplish your security goals. All you have to do is call up a local locksmith, and they can rekey your whole home in an afternoon, if need be. Here’s how rekeying works.

Replacing the Lock Cylinder

Most American door locks utilize a cylinder with a configuration of differently sized pins or tumblers, which only a specific key shape can straighten out. These are also known as Yale® locks. To rekey this type, a locksmith needs to replace the cylinder with one that contains a new pin tumbler configuration. When the installation is complete, the old key and all of its duplicates will no longer work. Only ANSI Grade 1 locks can be rekeyed this way.

Standard Sizes for Pin Tumbler Configuration

locksmithCylinder pins are available in standard sizes, which differ according to .003-inch or .005-inch increments. Their depth and spacing within a cylinder vary by manufacturer. These small differences are what make the number of unique door lock combinations seem so limitless, and their standardization is what facilitates key duplication and rekeying.


You only need to change a lock if it’s corroded or damaged beyond repair, or if you need a different locking method. To determine the right solution for you, get in touch with Shoreline Locksmith in Mystic, CT. The company is owned and operated by a Certified Locksmith, Jim Maloney, who is always on call for emergency services. For service or to request a quote, just call (860) 572-9286. More information is available on his website.

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