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Located in the Bowery neighborhood of NYC, Evolution Enrichment Center is more than just a day care. Through classes and activities where students explore and have fun while learning, this revolutionary learning center encourages children to develop their strength of mind, body, and heart.

What to Know If You’re Thinking About Putting Your Child in an Enrichment Program January 3, 2018

Lower East Side, Manhattan
What to Know If You’re Thinking About Putting Your Child in an Enrichment Program , Manhattan, New York

Enrichment programs are designed to supplement a child’s school education. They enhance learning by offering a number of specialized classes and activities that aren’t usually taught in the traditional classroom setting. There are many advantages to enrolling your child in one of these programs, but before doing so, it’s important that you understand a few things first. FasTracKids is the leading enrichment center in the Charleston neighborhood of Staten Island, NY. They offer a range of curriculum choices to accommodate varying ages and interests.

Below, they go over what you should be aware of if you’re considering placing your child in an enrichment program:

  • Appropriate Age for Children to Start: While there is no specific guideline as to when children should start an enrichment class or activity, preschool to kindergarten age is generally a good time for the majority of children to begin. However, if you feel your child is ready to be enrolled as young as two years old, it can be just as beneficial as long as they’re placed in an age-appropriate setting.
  • enrichment programsHow to Choose the Right Enrichment Program: Each enrichment program caters to different needs, skill levels, and passions. Whether it focuses on academics, sports, or artistic talents, you want to choose a class or activity that will bring your child fulfillment and enjoyment at the same time. Determine what their needs are and what will help build on their strengths while addressing their weaknesses.
  • Smaller Classes Offer Personalized Attention: Classes come in all different sizes, and it’s common for parents to wonder if the smaller ones can offer their child more enrichment. In general, smaller classes will provide children with more personalized attention from the teachers, which can help them grow and thrive in their program much more quickly.

The more you learn about enrichment programs before signing your child up, the better opportunity you have of maximizing their experience. You want to make sure your child gets the most they can out of their classes. Contact FasTracKids at (718) 260-8100, or visit them online for more information on all the after school programs they have available.

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