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The Challenges of Retransmission for Cable Providers & How It Affects You December 13, 2017

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The Challenges of Retransmission for Cable Providers & How It Affects You, Lonsdale, Minnesota

With retransmission fees on the rise, cable providers have been forced to increase the prices for their cable customers. The team at Lonsdale Telephone Co & Video Ventures in Minnesota will be renegotiating their contracts with several networks in 2018, and would like their customers to know how this will affect them. If Lonsdale Telephone Co & Video Ventures is your cable provider, here are a few things you should know.

What is Retransmission Consent?

In 1992, retransmission consent was introduced to the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act, requiring cable companies to get permission from broadcasters before they were allowed to carry their programs. In exchange, broadcasters could charge cable companies a fee and negotiate deals where cable companies would also have to carry their minor networks. Before this, all programs were accessible through the use of an antenna.  

cable providerHow This Affects Which Channels You Get

Since broadcast stations negotiate deals that bundle their most popular stations with their lesser known ones, it makes it difficult for cable companies to provide their customers with customized options. By licensing stations in bundles like this, broadcasting stations can make more money on advertising.  

Will This Change My Cable Prices

Unfortunately, the increase in retransmission fees leads to more expensive cable plans, as your cable provider has to make up for the cost. To keep rates reasonable, cable companies have to make changes. Some choose to reduce their live customer service team and use live chats or detailed knowledge databases instead. They’re also forced to raise prices on their services, including cable, internet, and telephone services.

The team at Lonsdale Telephone Co & Video Ventures expect a rise in the cost of their contracts in 2018, resulting in a subsequent price increase for their customers. However, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the same programming and will work hard to continue to offer reasonable rates for their cable services. If you have any questions about the services or current rates, call (507) 744-2311 or reach out online.

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