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A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Power Scooter December 12, 2017

Burnsville, Dakota
A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Power Scooter, Burnsville, Minnesota

Modern power scooters offer impressive power and control to those facing disability or mobility concerns. But while they can dramatically improve one’s quality of life, Metro Medical Homecare reminds consumers that not all motorized devices are the same. Below, this medical equipment supplier out of Burnsville, MN, highlights a few items to consider before choosing a model.   

5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Power Scooters


If you are able to safely and comfortably handle controls—such as a joystick and buttons—you can benefit from a wide range of features to enhance overall operation. For example, those who use scooters in high-traffic areas find that having turn indicators can help improve on-road visibility. When sampling devices, assess how comfortable it is to operate the controls.


power scooterAlthough power scooters are designed to provide people with greater freedom in mobility, some may have difficulty traveling on certain terrains. Three-wheel models, for instance, offer tight maneuverability that’s ideal for indoor areas and limited sidewalk surfaces, but not rough terrain. By comparison, four-wheel scooters are bulkier and don’t move as easily inside the home, but can handle heavy-duty outdoor travel.


The amount of carrying capacity that mobility equipment offers can vary from product to product. As such, it’s important to find a device that can not only support your own weight, but the goods you might be traveling with. In general, front-wheel drive scooters have a carrying capacity of up to 250 pounds, while a rear-wheel drive model can handle an average of 350 pounds.

Transportation Needs

All power scooters are bulky and heavy to lift without assistance, so it’s critical to think about how you will transport the device. Some models can be disassembled and carried in pieces, which is ideal for long-distance travel. Bigger pieces of equipment, however, remain intact and typically require a ramp or lift to get into vehicles.

Financial Resources

Although mobility equipment can be an excellent investment, having the money available to buy one can present challenges to those on limited budgets. Fortunately, many health insurance plans—such as Medicare—offer partial or complete coverage for select models. Check with your provider before you shop to make sure you select a product that will be covered.

When you’re ready to discover everything that power scooters have to offer, Metro Medical Homecare is happy to introduce you to the best options available. Carrying top-notch mobility equipment from trusted suppliers, this medical supply store can meet a wide variety of needs and deliver a smooth operational experience. Visit this supplier online to learn more about the products they stock at their Burnsville, MN, location. For inquiries about mobility scooters or to place an order, call (952) 854-3603 and speak with a friendly store associate.

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