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Early Childhood Program on 3 Activities That Boost Your Toddler's Development December 14, 2017

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Early Childhood Program on 3 Activities That Boost Your Toddler's Development, Brookline, Massachusetts

What your child learns during his or her toddler years can impact their capacity to learn in the future. Certain activities can be extremely helpful for preparing them, as they instill the importance of critical thinking. If you live in Brookline, MA, and are in search of an early childhood program that will nurture your child mentally and emotionally, Tiny World Child Care is the right place for you. The staff can help your toddler grasp essential concepts about the world around them by introducing fun and inventive activities, thereby boosting development at a much faster rate.

3 Activities for Enhanced Cognitive Development From an Early Childhood Program

Label Household Items

Learning begins at home, and you can give your toddler a head start by labeling common household items. Even if your child is not yet ready to read, the association between words and their corresponding objects will strengthen their understanding of language. Read labels to kids and ask them to repeat the phrases. You can also quiz them on the letter each item begins with, such as “C” for chair, as a fun game.

Introduce Textures

early childhood programsTextures are an excellent way to help your toddler understand numbers and letters. In early childhood, sensory learning can have quite an impact, especially when associated with more complex concepts. One method involves having kids decorate numbers and letters written on a piece of paper with textured materials like cotton balls or pipe cleaners. The tactile sensation may boost memory in young children, improving their retention capabilities. 

Sing Important Lessons

Singing is a way of introducing children to new words and concepts before they’re actually reading. Take your child’s favorite song and sing it as much as possible, and ask other caregivers to do the same. What will begin as simple recitation may soon develop into a deeper understanding of basic vocabulary.

For more ideas that enhance your child’s early childhood development, contact Tiny World Child Care. The bilingual day care center is beloved by kids and their families alike for providing an enriching experience. Call (617) 232-0115 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative, or visit the website to access testimonials from past parents who’ve fallen in love with their early childhood programs.

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