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A Top Dealership Shares 5 Benefits of Its Warranties on Pre-Owned Cars December 12, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
A Top Dealership Shares 5 Benefits of Its Warranties on Pre-Owned Cars, Honolulu, Hawaii

It’s exciting to purchase a vehicle, regardless of whether you’re interested in new or pre-owned cars. However, the time on that warranty runs down quickly, and you have to both mentally and financially prepare yourself for out-of-pocket auto repair expenses. However, the drivers of Honolulu, HI, go to 21K Motors for pre-owned cars with the best warranty options available. Their auto professionals explain five benefits of their unmatched warranties.

5 Benefits of Warranties on Pre-Owned Cars at 21K Motors

1. Offers All-Risk Protection

pre-owned carsAll-risk protection is meant to cover any repairs that your vehicle needs during the financial gap left on your vehicle lease after insurance. In case of a fire, theft, accident, or another unexpected event, all-risk protection will make sure you don’t face costly repairs on your own.

2. Available for New & Pre-Owned Cars

Unlike other dealerships, the warranty options at 21K Motors can be applied to your vehicle whether it’s leased, purchased as new, or purchased as used. 

3. Applicable to Cars Worth Up to $100,000

Warranties are available for virtually all types of vehicles through GAP protection. GAP protection is put in place if you and your lender agree to waive the difference between your loan balance and the cash value of your vehicle at the date of loss. GAP protection is advantageous to have because it will take care of the balance on your vehicle and pay your deductible.

4. Coverage Lasts Up to 84 Months

Instead of your warranty lasting for only a portion of your lease, the warranties at 21K Motors are meant to offer protection for the full term of your lease, up to 84 months.

5. Affordable Coverage

As part of their warranties, 21K Motors provides GAP protection for a minimal and manageable monthly cost. It’ll give you peace of mind without emptying your wallet.

Are you interested in pre-owned cars with impressive warranties? Give 21K Motors a call at (808) 797-5800. In addition to a host of benefits, they’re known for their extended warranties, GAP insurance, and customized coverage that makes driving less stressful. They also have the best auto tinting services and most impressive inventory of certified pre-owned cars in the area, so you won’t have to compromise on type, color, or model. Visit them online to learn more about how their warranties can save you money and keep you safe on the road.

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