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3 Most Common Causes of San Antonio House Fires January 5, 2018

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3 Most Common Causes of San Antonio House Fires, San Antonio, Texas

The winter holiday season might be known for family gatherings, festivities, and bright twinkling lights, but it’s also the most common time for house fires to break out. You can help prevent fire damage in your home by being mindful of the common causes of house fires, especially during the busy holiday season when homes are full of bustling guests. Read on to learn about the three most common causes of house fires, as well as how to prevent them. 

3 Most Common Causes of House Fires

Cooking Incidents

A key component of the holiday season is big celebratory meals, which means plenty of cooking! Unfortunately, many people using multiple cooking appliances can result in accidents and fire damage. The most common cause of kitchen fires is unattended food, which can catch fire if it’s left long enough. Always stay in the room when you’re cooking. It’s also important to take special care when working with hot oil and deep fryers. Make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated, and always have a fire extinguisher handy for emergencies. 


Fire DamageA large family gathered together for the holidays often means at least one smoker under your roof. Try to prevent indoor smoking at all, but if it must occur, provide ashtrays, and don’t allow guests to smoke in bedrooms. Bedrooms are the most common location for fires caused by smoking because they are often filled with flammable bedding and curtains, especially in the cold winter months. Smoking in bedrooms can easily cause fire damage.  


Electric heaters are a very common cause of house fires in the winter. Practice safety measures when it comes to your heaters by making sure they are in excellent working order. They shouldn’t be dated, and never run them close to flammable items like curtains, bedding, carpets, and laundry. Whenever possible, turn the heaters off at bedtime, and never leave one running when no one is home.


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