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Which Type of Flagpole Material Is Right for You? December 28, 2017

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Which Type of Flagpole Material Is Right for You?, Somers, Montana

If you want to show your American spirit, choose a flag pole that can withstand the elements and keep your flag blowing in the wind for years to come. Boundary Line Fence in Somers, MT, carries both fiberglass and metal flag poles, and they’ve collected some information about the two materials to enable you to choose the very best one for your home. 

Which Type of Flag Pole Is Best? 

Fiberglass & Metal Can Withstand High Winds

One of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a flag pole is how well it will be able to stand up against wind. Bother fiberglass and metal poles can handle heavy winds on their own, but when they’ve got a flag attached, it can be a different story. For smaller flagpoles, both materials perform adequately; however larger, standing flagpoles may benefit from a sturdier material such as steel or aluminum. 

flag poleSteel Flagpoles Make for Sturdy Standing Poles

One area where metal truly shines is when it’s used to construct standing flag poles that are quite high. Carbon steel and other types of metal come in all shapes and sizes and stand up well under varying weather conditions. They can also come in several different finishings, such as galvanized finishing, which can make the pole easier to maintain. 

Both Fiberglass & Metal Come In Wide Array of Colors

If you’re installing a flagpole for your home, you’ll likely want it to match your design scheme. Metal poles will need to be repainted occasionally to keep up appearances and match the color of your home. Fiberglass flag poles on the other hand, come in a variety of colors, making it easy to select one that matches your ideal design and color. Due to the extended exposure of UV rays, both materials will need periodic maintenance to keep them looking as good as new. 

Choosing the right flag pole can help give your home a unique look and ensure your flag never touches the ground, so keep the tips above in mind the next time you’re selecting one. For more helpful flag and fencing tips, contact Boundary Line Fence today at (406) 309-5010, or like them on Facebook for a closer look at their services. 

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