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4 Common Questions About CCW Classes & Training December 7, 2017

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4 Common Questions About CCW Classes & Training, Columbia, Illinois

To carry a concealed weapon, individuals in the state of Illinois must take proper CCW classes. Yet many individuals are uncertain about the process of obtaining the necessary permits. That’s why the professionals at Shooter’s Firearms & Indoor Range are committed to providing quality education to the residents of Columbia, IL. To help answer any questions you may have, they’ve put together some important information below.

FAQs About CCW Classes & Training

ccw classesAre You Eligible to Obtain Your Concealed Carry Permit?

In the state of Illinois, you must be at least 21 years of age to obtain this permit. You’ll first need to complete 16 hours of firearms training and submit an application. In addition, those convicted of a misdemeanor within the last five years are not eligible to receive the permit.

What Does CCW Training Entail?

The CCW class requires 16 hours of training, typically broken up into two days. The first day covers use of force and concealed carry laws. The second day provides instruction in working with a firearm, including drawing from a holster. All students will also be required to complete a live qualification test before completing an application.

Do You Have to Bring Your Own Firearms?

In most classes, you can either bring your firearms or use the guns and ammunition provided by instructors. If you already own a handgun, you should bring it for the qualification test. This will make sure that the model you own is up to standards and legal. 

What If You Have Prior Training?

If you have prior training that equals to eight or more hours, you can typically skip the first day of class. However, you will still be required to attend the second day. Prior training may include nationally recognized certifications or proof of law enforcement training.

Before applying for your concealed carry permit, you’ll need to take the proper CCW classes like those offered at Shooter’s Firearms & Indoor Range. Dedicated to providing quality education, these professionals can ensure that you understand the proper handling and safety of your weapon. Reach out to a trusted team member today for more information by calling (618) 281-6393, or follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

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