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4 Family Fun Activities to Enjoy This Holiday December 7, 2017

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4 Family Fun Activities to Enjoy This Holiday, Henrietta, New York

Whether you’re looking for an activity suitable for the whole family or want a night out this holiday season, there are numerous family fun entertainment options for every age. Take things to the next level this holiday and make new memories by partaking in some of the following activities. Your holiday spirits will be lifted through the bonding experience.

Family Fun Activities to Enjoy 


Start your day of family fun off at an outdoor go-kart track. Great for all ages, youngsters can ride in rookie karts that are ideal for young solo riders. For those who are taller, singles are great for a fast ride. Even toddlers can join by riding shotgun with an adult in a two-seater kart. 

Miniature Golf

mini golfMini golf is great for families or a date night. It’s the perfect combination of leisurely fun and a little healthy competition. You can raise the stakes and let the winner pick the holiday film the family will watch later.


For the gamers in your life, arcades offer the best entertainment — the latest arcade games and ultimate family fun. By purchasing a refillable game card, kids can easily go off and play their favorite games on their own. The best part will be exchanging tickets for prizes once the games are over. You can all combine your tickets for a shared gift too! 

Bumper Cars

An indoor bumper car arena can provide your family with hours of fun on those days it’s too chilly to use the go-kart track. Your family can get competitive individually, or you can create teams. Young ones that want to ride with their parents or older sibling will make the ride that much more fun.


It’s the perfect time of year to get your family and loved ones together for some festive adventures. Clubhouse Fun Center, located in Rochester, NY, offers enough family fun and entertainment to add some cheer to your holidays this year. Head to their establishment now and start the season off with the perfect day out. Call them now at (585) 272-7888 or check out their website to learn more about their activities, the deals they offer, and what food they have available.

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