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Do's & Don'ts of Taking a Snorkeling Tour December 6, 2017

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
Do's & Don'ts of Taking a Snorkeling Tour, Ewa, Hawaii

The ocean is a deep blue mystery, and those curious enough to explore it are in for an amazing treat. If you’ve booked a snorkeling tour, chances are you’re eager to make a discovery while taking in the stunning sights. You also might be wondering if there’s etiquette to snorkeling. Based in Kapolei, HI, Oahu’s Ocean Joy Cruises shares some do’s and don’ts for beginners.

Do’s & Don’t for a Snorkeling Tour

Do Make Sure Your Equipment Fits

snorkeling tourEverything from masks to fins should fit snugly as to prevent leaks. Too tight fins can lead to sores, however, making it harder for you to swim.

Don’t Touch Anything

This includes coral, seashells, fish, and turtles. Coral is vulnerable, and touching can kill it. Coral and seashells can also be sharp enough to cut and give you an infection. Don’t bother sea life, and, as a general rule, stay aware of your surroundings.

Do Swim With Friends

You should never be out swimming alone, but make sure you’re with people who won’t ruin your experience by disrespecting the environment.

Don’t Show Up Unprepared

You should practice breathing around the surface with a snorkel beforehand and get comfortable swimming slowly. Your snorkel only allows you to take in so much air, so you’ll have to get used to swimming at a relaxed pace. It’s also important not to overeat or snorkel on an empty stomach; you don’t want your trip ruined by seasickness.

Do Explore With an Open Mind

You’re there to enjoy yourself and explore the unknown, so watch for dolphins, try your hand at identifying different sea creatures, and take plenty of pictures with an underwater camera.

Are you ready to take a tour of the magnificent Hawaiian waters? Book a snorkeling tour with Ocean Joy Cruises for a captivating adventure along the western coast of Oahu. With high-grade snorkeling equipment and well-trained instructors, you can rest assured your safety and comfort is their priority. Take the sunset cruise to indulge in the delicious dinner buffet, snap some pictures as the tour winds into whale watching season, and prepare to swim the beautiful waters of Makua. To find out more about their snorkeling tour options, call (808) 677-1277 or visit them online.

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