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How to Choose the Right Storage Space for You December 7, 2017

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How to Choose the Right Storage Space for You, Saratoga, Wisconsin

Whether you’re in the process of moving, remodeling, or going through a big life change, having a storage unit can come in very handy. With it, you can safely care for your treasured possessions without having to worry. But as you prepare to store your things, do you know what kind of storage unit you need? Below are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you make this decision.

How Many Items Do You Have & How Big Are They?

In order to determine how big you’ll need your storage unit to be, you’ll have to assess how many items you need stored. The size is important too—if you have unusually long or tall items, you might need to do a little research to verify that they’ll fit in your unit.

StorageWhat Kind of Items Are You Storing?

Some personal belongings are durable and can be stored at any temperature or humidity level. However, if you have sensitive possessions, like electronics, musical instruments, or documents, you may want a unit with climate control. That way, you can regulate the temperature and ventilation to be sure your belongings aren’t damaged.

How Often Will You Access the Space?

If you know you’ll be in and out of your storage unit all the time, retrieving items or adding more to the unit, you may need a larger space than you originally planned. Since you’ll need to be able to access all the back corners of the unit, you’ll need to plan for walkways through the stored items. This way, you won’t find yourself having to unpack and repack the space every time you need something.

Once you’ve worked out what kind of a storage unit you’ll need, you can start looking for providers in your area. Remember to check for good ratings, security, and availability before settling on a storage company.


Storage Unlimited, located in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, offers both commercial and residential storage spaces with climate control options. They work hard to make your life transitions go as smoothly as possible. Contact them today at (715) 325-7867 or visit their website to learn more.

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