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Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater? December 7, 2017

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?, Gates, New York

When your water heater isn’t working properly, there are two options to remedy the situation: opting for repairs or a full replacement. Figuring out which approach is best for your needs can be difficult, though. Below, the HVAC professionals at Taylor Heating in Rochester, NY, share a few considerations to keep in mind to help make the right decision.

3 Tips to Choose Between Repairing or Replacing a Water Heater

Life Span

Most units have an expected life span of about 10 to 15 years. If yours is nearing the end of this range, replacing the entire heater is recommended. Older models are prone to an increased number of issues toward the end of their life span, and the expenses of regular repairs can easily add up over time. 

Type of Issue

water heaterThe severity of the problem should also be considered. For example, if the culprit is something small, like a broken dip tube or a dirty pilot tube, repairs will likely suffice. Conversely, if the problem is complicated, such as a severe leak, a full replacement will be necessary. 


Finally, compare the estimated price of both options. If repairing the water heater will cost you almost as much (or even more) than simply replacing the unit, it doesn’t make sense to keep it. Additionally, newer models tend to be more energy-efficient than older ones, saving you even more money in the long run. 

If you need to repair or replace a water heater, turn to the trusted experts at Taylor Heating in Rochester, NY. With 70 years of experience and a broad range of plumbing and HVAC services available, you can rest assured they have the skills, tools, and expertise needed to quickly and effectively get the job done. Give them a call today at (585) 500-HELP (4537) to schedule an appointment, and visit them online to learn more about how they will help you.

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