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Manakai O Malama Integrative Healthcare Group and Rehabilitation Center offers a full range of modern and traditional medical services in a personal and supportive environment where patient-centered approaches emphasize the unique needs of each patient. If you are looking for a health clinic where your health and wellbeing are the central focus, give us a call at 808-535-5555.

An Inside Look at One of Manakai O Malama’s Acupuncture Sessions December 6, 2017

Ala Moana - Kakaako, Honolulu
An Inside Look at One of Manakai O Malama’s Acupuncture Sessions, Honolulu, Hawaii

As an integrative health care provider, we at Manakai O Malama specialize both in modern medicine and in the traditional healing arts. That’s why we offer a wide variety of medical services from physical therapy to acupuncture. But, when it comes to the latter, our practitioners understand that not many patients know what to expect during their first session. That’s why we’ve put together this quick yet informative guide.  

Before the Appointment

Acupuncture, like other derivatives of the traditional healing arts, has many applications. Namely, it is used for chronic pain, headaches, emotional disorders, and digestive issues. If you’re currently experiencing one of these problems, your primary care doctor may recommend you to one of our experienced acupuncturists for treatment.

When you arrive at the health clinic, you’ll need to complete the Acupuncture Intake. This form asks about the location, severity, and frequency of your symptoms. It also enquires about your ability to perform daily activities and your current medical history. This information is necessary for the acupuncturist to deliver quality treatment.  

During the Appointment

traditional healing artsOnce in your appointment, the acupuncturist will conduct a brief pulse and tongue diagnosis. Both are two of the most important diagnostic tools in the traditional healing arts. In a pulse diagnosis, the practitioner locates your pulse, noting a variety of characteristics including depth, frequency, and quality. In a tongue diagnosis, on the other hand, they examine the color, shape, and texture of the tongue. Irregularities in these tests reflect health issues elsewhere in the body. Hence, both are essential to the healing process.

Next, the treatment will commence. The acupuncturist inserts thin, sterile needles or applies pressure to specific points on the body. In turn, these techniques stimulate and balance one’s Qi or life force. In some cases, our health clinic’s team may use other types of traditional healing arts like moxibustion or cupping to further support the healing process.

You may feel some discomfort upon insertion of the needles, but your acupuncturist will ensure you are comfortable post-insertion. Periodically during the session, the provider may re-stimulate the needle, thus producing more sensation and more Qi movement. Removal of the needles is typically painless. In its entirety, the session lasts about 60 minutes. Afterward, the acupuncturist will recommend how often you should receive treatment based on your symptoms and goals.

Want to try acupuncture for yourself? Call Manakai O Malama at (808) 535-5555 today to schedule your appointment. For more on acupuncture or the traditional healing arts as a whole, visit our health clinic online.

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