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Why Does My Furnace Cycle on & Off Frequently? December 7, 2017

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Why Does My Furnace Cycle on & Off Frequently?, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Has your furnace been cycling on and off even when it hasn’t sufficiently heated the house? Steve’s Plumbing & Heating in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, wants you to know that if it’s operating on short cycles, it can drain your energy resources, so they’ve assembled a helpful checklist to determine why it could be happening. 

3 Potential Reasons Your Furnace Cycles on & Off

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat in your home directly controls its heating and cooling components, so when it’s on the fritz, the furnace can start acting erratically. If it’s short cycling or isn’t running correctly, check the screen of the thermostat: if it appears blank or the display is malfunctioning, try replacing the batteries. A thermostat can also become damaged if it’s been installed too close to a heat source or if the wiring is frayed—it’s wise to call a repair specialist to inspect the issue. 


furnaceFurnaces use a device called a heat exchanger to heat the air and pump air throughout your home. When this mechanism is malfunctioning or overheating, the furnace automatically shuts off to prevent further damage to the heating and cooling system. However, when it cools down, it will kick on again, repeating the same cycle of overheating and shutting down. This scenario is often caused by dirty air filters, blocker air vents, or problems with the exhaust fan. 

Oversized Furnace

If you’ve recently had a new furnace installed and it’s short cycling, the one you’ve purchased could be too large for your home. It will quickly heat your home to the desired temperature, then shut off, and restart again when it gets cold instead of running consistently. This causes damage to the furnace, as well as other heating and cooling components, so if you think it’s oversized, call a repair technician immediately. 

If the furnace is acting up or you feel you might benefit from some preventative maintenance, the professionals from Steve’s Plumbing & Heating will be happy to take a look at it. Call them today at (715) 421-1800 for a free repair quote, or visit them online for a more in-depth look at the services available. 

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