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Where Did the Bounce House Come From? December 19, 2017

Greece, Monroe
Where Did the Bounce House Come From?, Greece, New York

Many adults can remember the fun and excitement of children party rentals. These inflatable, seemingly magical domes would come to life in backyards or on playgrounds to the delight of family and friends, and kids would spend hours bouncing and enjoying a wonderful time. But, where did the idea of the “bounce house” come from?

The History of Inflatable Bounce Houses

What Is a Bounce House?

“Bounce houses” are inflatable structures usually made from woven oxford cloth or PVC tarpaulin. Continuous air is pumped through the material, which keeps it inflated. While it’s being used, air escapes through the seams to prevent it from popping. These structures are very popular kids’ activities for party rentals because they are great entertainment and extremely easy to transport and put in storage.

How Did Bounce Houses Come to Be? 

bounce houseBounce houses were invented in 1959 by a mechanical engineer named John Scurlock. He was originally trying out different covers for tennis court protection when he saw his employees bouncing up and down on the covers. He saw how much fun they were having and came up with the idea of using inflatables as a form of entertainment.

His original idea was an inflatable mattress, the “Space Pillow” with a company he started in New Orleans called Space Walks. These designs were very popular, however, there was one large issue. With no enclosure, these inflatable structures posed a safety threat. After a series of developments, by 1967, the new designs came with an inflatable top and fans. This became the basis for the bounce houses we know today.


Reading a page of history is always a great, fun way to appreciate the things we enjoy today. If you’re looking for an exciting bounce house for your next birthday party or fun event, contact Leap N’ Laugh in Rochester, NY. They provide a variety of inflatable entertainment at their 14,5000 square-foot facility or as outdoor party rentals. See their selection of weekend rentals online or call (585) 469-8922 for more information.  

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